People used to call him Jali. He has a big interest to youth social politic movement in Indonesia. He was involved in student movement when he was a part of the Geography Department in Universitas Negeri Jakarta since 2011. Jali also joined Forum Indonesia Muda in 2013, a forum that gather young activists around the nation. After became the president of Forum Indonesia Muda chapter Depok, Jakarta and Tangerang, he became part of annual anticorruption youth camp which initiated by KPK RI (Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission) as a participant in 2015, a facilitator in 2016 and committee in 2017.

In gaining his knowledge and experience, he became a volunteer in Youth Proactive since 2016 and became the coordinator of the worker body since 2018. Jali also learn with another young activists about humanity and social movement in Aksi Kamisan since 2016.
Now, he is a communication officer of Lokataru Foundation. If you want to talk about youth social movement or many things about music and sport especially about Efek Rumah Kaca and Manchester United please reach out Jali in Instagram or Twitter as @jolayjali.