Haris Azhar is an Indonesian human rights advocate. Haris previously served as Coordinator of KontraS (Commission for the Disappeared and Victim of Violence) a nation wide group and community of NGOs in Indonesia since 2010. He holds a law degree from Trisakti University and MA in Human Rights from Essex University. He took a Postgraduate course on Philosophy in University of Indonesia (2000-2003) and a course on Sociology from Open University. He took some training and joined conferences which related to human rights, Asia region, and law reform issues. In 2006, Haris took a fellowship on Transitional Justice in South Africa on 2006. In 2014, joined a program called “Standing with Civil Society” which initiated by President Obama, under the IVLP Program. In 2015, he participated in International Future Leader Program by the French Government.

Along KontraS, he’s been advocating human rights issues in Indonesia and South East Asia; and defending various human rights cases/issues. Haris also actively took role in many human rights and public interest litigation, events, campaign, writing publication in promoting and defending the human rights issues. In 2012-2015; Haris become member of Executive Committee of Forum-ASIA (Asian Wide human rights organisation); and become of Deputy Chair of INFID-Indonesia (2014-2017). Under Haris’ tenure, KontraS awarded “Emilio Mignone Human Rights Award” 2012 by Argentinian Govt and NGO called CLES, and Certificate of recognition by AMAN [during AMAN’s 20th years of anniversary, 2011] for KontraS contribution on the field of Peace and Human Rights; while him self awarded “The New Generation is in Action” by Jakarta Base, I-Radio in 2014, and The Best Activist Award by I-News TV (2015).

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