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The Indonesian criminal justice system has a poor reputation for delivering justice, and the recent growing number of cases of miscarriage of justice continues proof on just how far Indonesian people stand from the ideal one. Reports from rights organisations revealed that the phenomena were not only affected seriously to the individuals but also significantly aggravated the rule of law. The cases of miscarriage of justice can be found in many types and patterns, from wrongful arrest to wrongful convictions and with various types of allegation. There are long lists of victims experienced with the case who also came from different socio, economic and political backgrounds. Against this background, Lokataru Foundation launches advocacy works to assist victims of wrongful arrest, wrongful conviction and wrongful execution and other forms of miscarriage of justice cases. Our works include case examination, monitoring, research and reform the criminal justice system to prevent future injustice. We promote and independence and competent of defence counsel to safeguard the rights of suspect and defendant in
facing serious criminal charge and the capital punishment.


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