A denial and attack to the Indoleaks report on the scandal of obstruction of justice by two police officers assigned to the KPK in the graft case involving meat importer Basuki Hariman and former Constitutional Court justice Patrialis Akbar, is shameful. This undermines and totally contradicts with the effort of the Jokowi administration to encourage public participation against corruption.

Less than two week following the release of the report, brutal accusation came from not only the police, but also from politicians and regretfully also came from public figures like Hendardi (Setara chairman) and Mahfud MD by saying this journalistic investigative report as hoax and framing the report was connected to the Ratna Sarumpaet arrest. Instead of praising the initiative, their accusation to this investigative report is unacceptable.

The release of the Indoleaks report happened just two days before the announcement of Jokowi’ new whistle-blower policy to give reward to the informants of corruption cases on 10 October. Certainly, the attack and denial to the Indoleaks report undermines it. If the attack and unfair accusation to the Indoleaks continue, public will doubt with the commitment of the government to eradicate corrupt behaviours. Whistle-blower remains unprotected and fragile from abusive criminalisation. Furthermore, the attack to Indoleaks report also alarmed the future of investigative journalism activities. It is also a set back to our press freedom.

Indoleaks report confirmed our concern about the rumour that spread among the anti-corruption activists since last year. Lokataru initial correspondences with KPK about this case were commenced on 7 and 28 November 2017. At that time, under the Freedom of Information Law, we demanded the information and explanation following the rumour on the allegation that two KPK investigators from Police institution was destroy very important evidences in corruption case. However, the KPK refused to response.

The KPK reluctant to prosecute the case is a setback for the KPK’s record. Previously, we are quite happy with the new record of KPK to prosecute the series of obstruction of justice cases. Since the establishment of the KPK, despite a constant and various attacks and corruptors fight backs, the number of prosecution to obstruction of justice case is very small or less then 8 cases. But, in the last two years KPK has been showing it aggressiveness to enforce the obstruction of justice article. The KPK prosecutes some suspects in Setya Novanto and Fredrich Yunadi case and lastly in Eddy Sindoro-Lukas case.

Today, the KPK unwilling to prosecute the case is worrying. Their reluctant to launch a probe into the suspects illustrates the fading of their values; a zero tolerance to corruption. Lokataru Foundation alarmed the institution for the high risk and unprecedented damage for their reputation. A betrayal to the civil society groups who consistently back up the institution from previous corruptor’s fight backs will significantly destroy public trust. If this happen, our struggle to eradicate corruption will be difficult than before.

Lokataru Foundation urges the KPK to immediately prosecute all the suspects under the article of obstruction of justice. We are also echoing the demand to the President Jokowi to establish independent team to investigate the allegation of the involvement of Gen. Tito Karnavian in that case.

22 October 2018

Nurkholis Hidayat /081519967110
Lokataru Foundation